153 days since, in my biased opinion, the greatest wedding ever.

131 days since joining the greatest Air Force this world has ever known.

It’s been quite a journey! Generally, new officers are not gone quite this long just after entering, but what can I say.. I never do things the normal way. After COT (which I have to admit I kinda miss.. I have no idea why) I headed off to the Nurse Transition Program in AZ which I was really excited about. While I was there I found out that I would be going to an obstetrics/labor & delivery certification course (PNC). No biggie… most new L&D nurses go to work on their unit, do some orientation and then head off for the training in a few months. Me!? I had 13 days between NTP & PNC! In that time I had to get from AZ to MS and then back to TX and had lots of frustrating administrative paperwork and errands to become Keesler AFBs (my permanent base) responsibility. It was not a relaxing two weeks! I did fit in a couple of hours on the “beautiful” Biloxi beach for laying out and reading.

So, now I’m 2.5 weeks in to my 6 week training and even though it took lots of craziness to get me here I am VERY happy to be getting this training now rather than later. Stacy got to stay home and continue to work (instead of being stuck in Biloxi…alone… and possibly jobless) for the 6 weeks that I’m gone and it might actually be harder to leave once we’re settled instead of just extending the time apart :-/

Alright, so.. 2.5 weeks in and we’re done with the class/lecture portion. I’m talking everyday from about 7-4 of straight lecture…Yarrrgggghhhh. Class time is not fun BUT now it’s time for clinicals, YAY! I’m getting ready to start my L&D training at the AF’s busiest hospital. It’s a unit that takes high-risk pregnancies and deliveries and from what I hear they do lots of cool stuff. It’s a teaching hospital, so in addition to us, there’s a NICU course and MD residents and lots of other teaching going on, so, I’ll have many opportunities to pick up some great information & experience over the next few weeks. What I’m not excited about is that, on trend with the rest of our great nation, is the number of interventions docs and nurses perform in a healthy labor & delivery. I’m not going to get on my soapbox here but I feel that more deliveries than not don’t require a mother to be hooked up to pitocin and limited to the bed or need to end in a c-section (I have many more opinions and specifics to yell about but.. I won’t!). I’ve been told here that about 98% of moms get pitocin. Ergh. Oh well, I guess I need to see both sides of this argument to be a really well rounded nurse (that’s the optimistic outlook I’m going to try and keep for the next 3.5 weeks).

Stacy is coming out a week from today- YAYAYAYAY!! Can’t wait to see him and do some more adventuring outside of this huuuuge air force base. Counting the days to see him and until June 15th– 26 days left 😀

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2 Responses to Halfway

  1. Capt Ron says:

    Hey! You know what I say! Get up on that soapbox! Let people know how ya feel! Besides, it’s your blog. Right?

  2. Joan Cianciolo says:

    Hello to our 2nd Lt daughter! How proud your dad and I are of you! I sure do love hearing about your nursing experience and knowing you’re ready for that soap box! Your mother encourages you stand up and let those women know how wonderful a natural birth is! Enjoy your visit with Stacy-packing day is right around the corner!
    Love you, mom

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