COT…The Finale!

Week 3 and 4.5

The purpose of COT is to teach someone how to be an officer, a leader and an airman. The leadership lessons start early and you’re forced into positions that you wouldn’t always volunteer for and you’re expected to perform.  There are watchful eyes on you, ready to tell you what you need to be doing better. Now, by week 3 there’s definitely less yelling going on, which is a great thing. The flight commanders truly take an interest and care about you becoming a leader and they expect 100% from you.

COT also starts to be…dare I say it?… Fun! We earned privileges that allowed us off base (PRAISE THE LORD!!) and we got to go out and be normal human beings. I went shopping, ate at Moe’s and Stacy came to visit! I’m a lucky girl to have a wonderful husband that lived only 2 hours away! It was so nice to see him and it helped my morale to get me through the last bit of COT.

We also went on a mock deployment… here’s me, ready to go with my duffel!

Go Bravo Flight!

This is the bag drag- You take time pack your bag and then you have to dump it all out and let cranky instructors go through your stuff to make sure you have everything.

One night in already-set-up-tents… with heat. All we had to do was set up our cots, which still proved challenging 🙂

This is from our deployed-hospital exercise. It was intense. There was “bombing,” a lot of fake blood and chaos… It was a tiny look into deployment as a nurse.

Here we’re learning how to handle a litter and carry “wounded” airmen through an obstacle course.

Yum… another cold MRE. This one was actually not bad, even though it looks like puke. Southwest beef and beans with Mexican rice… seriously, I’ve had worse.

Here’s my flight commander offering some encouragement to one of our guys in the “fitness challenge.” He did 112 push ups in 2 minutes…

Staff vs students tug-of-war… they massacred us.

High ropes and challenge course– I had a blast 🙂

Here we are at Officer Club Orientation–

I felt like I was being let into a secret club! There are special rules that apply inside the club and if you don’t follow them there’s a good chance you’ll be hugging the porcelain later on!

This was a really fun night- You get treated like an adult and the staff is laid back.  It’s the first time you can talk to them without starting every statement with “Sir” and it’s a real contrast to what training is like. I felt like I was at a fraternity/sorority initiation… even though we were in ABU’s.

I’ve never seen anything funnier than a bunch of 20-something officers in camo dancing on a tiny dance floor to some sub-par dance music.

This is our Dining Out– It’s a really formal dinner where we have to wear our mess dress uniform (don’t ask me why that’s what it’s called.. I have no idea?!).  Here I am with a goofy hat– The colonel’s wife came around and for some reason asked me to put it on…. So I did.

This night is a lot of fun too. There’s so much tradition that goes into this night- both fun and serious. We had a POW-MIA ceremony, toasted a lot, and had to follow some more AF-specific dining rules.

Here’s most of my flight and flight commander… We’re a good lookin’ bunch!

Me and my good lookin’ date 🙂

And finally.. the last day of COT. This is Capt Brown handing over my graduation certificate and saluting me!

These shots are right after the awards ceremony– I was soooo happy to see familiar faces! I was laughing at Mom here because she was crying…

And Stacy was happy to see my “Washington” name tag!

Yay! Carly and Katy came!

And my proud Daddy 😀

Parade in Review– The Falcon Squadron was the best 😉 The parade is very formal– full of military tradition and discipline.

“Officers… DISMISSED!”


The end of a happy day and 4.5 hard weeks. I learned so much about myself and the AF.. and now, time to learn about being a nurse!


How’s a 1,700 mile drive to Scottsdale, AZ sound? AWESOME!

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4 Responses to COT…The Finale!

  1. Captain Ron says:

    Proud of you, appreciate you, and thinking about you every day. I knew “you could dooeet!”

  2. Megan Pacheco says:

    That is awesome, I am so proud of you. Hope all is going well in AZ.

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is one of my favorite posts!! Great job, Kate 🙂 Miss you & love you tons!

  4. Taryn says:

    I know this post is a few years old, but it is super helpful to me. I am a nurse who is contemplating joining the airguard/reserves and going through COT. Thanks

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