COT Week 2

So, there’s nothing too special about week 2. It’s alot like week 1 with a litttle less yelling and way more classroom time. So, I’ll talk about our privileges, the OTSMAN, and PT.

Privileges- these are determined by class status and we had to earn them, of course. Week 1 and 2 we literally have none. We don’t go anywhere except class, the dorms, the DFAC (dining facilities) and the track for PT. There are no decisions for us to make, they are made for you. Our day was planned for us from 5 am until 7 pm and after that it wasn’t free time. There were meetings and homework and extra duties that kept you busy until lights out at 11:30 (and sometimes later…shhh!). We were not allowed to wear civilian clothes, we can’t have dessert with meals, and we HAD to drink 3 glasses of water at every meal (and no planned potty breaks). Seriously, there were no decisions that a COT student needed to make.

Speaking of decisions… the OTSMAN (Officer Training School Manual) was the annoying little book that spelled out all the things that you didn’t need to make decisions about. It should be on you AT ALL TIMES and if you’re standing and doing nothing, you should be reading it.

Physical Training– sucks. It was a joke. The process of getting to PT and getting ready for PT lasted longer than PT! I hated it. We had been at COT for almost 2 weeks before having our first session and our second one was our Physical Fitness Baseline. Awesome.

The good thing is that the instructors start to ease up a little in the classroom and you can tell that they’re generally pretty normal human beings.

By week 2 we were starting to get the hang of marching (which we had to do anywhere we were going), we knew the rules and we were settling into a routine. It’s good too because we actually had a tiny bit of time to actually talk to our flight mates and get to know them. But, I was still tired. Every time I talked to my parents or Stacy the first question was “Are you OK?!” and my answer was “Yes, just tired. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and we’ve been going since 5 am.” It was tough, we had to take in SO much information and try to function well enough to not get yelled at.

Here’s a pic from week 2

Yep, those are pj pants. It was unreasonably cold in the dorms. Not like 68 degrees more like 61. I was sure that this was all part of some COT lesson. I still think so.

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3 Responses to COT Week 2

  1. Robert and Nikki Bowen says:

    I am so glad you are updating your blog!! We want to hear more! Congrats again on your graduation. I have heard those that move to AZ love it!! We miss you and can’t wait to visit!

  2. Carly says:

    I like that you dress up your PT uniform with a sassy scarf. You’re so fashion foward– even for the USAF.

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey Katy,
    I am so glad you placed this blog up for potential nurses to see what the Air Force nursing is like. I am applying for Nurse Practitioner programs in June and really want the pros and cons of the Air Force. I am debating whether to go through the Air Force or other progams to pay my tuition. Any information would be great!

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