2 Weeks Down….

Shew! It’s been a looooong two weeks. I don’t have much time but just wanted to give an update.

So far, this is hard. It’s planned out to break you and build you up. They keep you up late and get you up early and then you have the next 14 hours of your day planned out. The only decisions I have to make are “What should I have to eat?” and “How much longer can I hold my pee?”

I’m learning alot about the AF and myself. I’ve made some friends and I’m still pumped to be a USAF officer. There’s SO much I can write about but, it’s just not going to happen tonight- I have a test tomorrow! I’ll try to update again next weekend.

I miss home :-/ but I’m making it through. Love and miss y’all!

Lt. Washington

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6 Responses to 2 Weeks Down….

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh my god I miss you soooooo much!! I HATE not being able to skype/talk to you!! But I am so proud of you and you are so hot in your BDU’s!!! I love you to death sis 🙂 You’re halfway there Lt!

  2. Shannon Fevella says:

    Lt. Washington, I am SO proud of you! You are going to gain SO much out of this! I can’t wait to talk to you and hear all about it! We are all on this journey with you and are praying for you daily! You can do it! I miss you!

  3. katy d says:

    aw that face breaks my heart! you are doing great, i am so proud of you. just a little bit longer and then it’ll be awesome. miss you so much!

  4. Robert and Nikki Bowen says:

    Keep your head up! We are proud of you!

  5. Joan Cianciolo says:

    Dad says, “Ohhh-look at my baby! Katy looks so good in her BDU’s. It’s been 40 years since my service and here you are in the Air Force. Thank you for your service. I salute you. I’m so proud of you!”

    Mom says, ” I’m saluting you too!! I’m happy you’ve made it this far-I just have to keep reminding myself you’re not away at camp!” Prayers, hugs and love to you! See you soon.

  6. John & Jill says:

    You’re doing great! Not much longer to go, and we’re all rooting for you! At the very least, you look great in green (& blue for that matter) 😉

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