Anxious Excitement

Up early on my last day of freedom- I’m reflecting on the past few weeks. It has seemed surreal as I packed up my belongings (ya know, everything I could fit in my car!) that I was actually leaving home…. leaving Georgia! My family and friends and husband would not be a phone call away to meet up with and I couldn’t just show up at my parents with a 5 minute warning and have a home cooked dinner. Was I really doing this?! Have I LOST MY MIND??!! (answer yet to be determined….)

The first week of 2011 has been hard- it started with a solid week of farewells. After saying goodbye to my sister, bro-in-law, Jackson and Ella (headed home for Australia, these good byes get harder each time… sigh) I attended a wonderful little get together for a farewell for me! Katy D. (Martha Stewarts’ newest threat) made me the cutest and most delicious cake and my closest friends, one-by-one said “Bye! Good luck! See you later!” it was hard but I was so glad that a wonderful friend put it together for me (Thanks Nikki!). Pictures to come…. There was also a much needed slumber party with Katy and Carly- we somehow made it through without crying in a heap on the floor šŸ™‚

I cherish my friendships and I’m so worried about what life will be like without my awesome support group just a few minutes away…. Oh what have I gotten myself into!?

So, I have about 5.5 hours of freedom left. I’ve met some great people already and we’re all pumped to get this thing started!! We’re all trading tips and rumors we’ve heard and encouragement that we all make it through together. I’m excited and ready! I’ll miss the outside world and it might be hard for me to post this week, but I’ll do my best.

Please send me your thoughts, prayers and encouragement!

I’ll try to post some very flattering pics of me in camo and eating yummy MRE’s… Oh how I’ll miss good food šŸ™‚

Lt. Katherine Washington

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6 Responses to Anxious Excitement

  1. katy dennison says:

    so glad you made it okay! we’re snowed in here! don’t worry – you made the right choice and all your loved ones support your new direction. if we’re sad, it’s because we’re just a little selfish and want you all to ourselves. love you so much. go knock em dead.

    oh and ps – can’t wait to send you pictures of the PRESH baby shower invites i made! you’ll die!

  2. Shannon Fevella says:

    Im SO excited for you! I have been praying for you and can’t wait to hear more! Love you girlie!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Show ’em what G.R.I.T.S. are made of! You got this!! Love
    you, praying for you, miss yooooou!

  4. Joan Cianciolo says:

    Dearest daughter! You were on my mind first thing this
    morning-did you get up on time, have a good breakfast, drive
    carefully in the snow, did you say yes sir and yes ma’am when you
    were supposed to, did you have a good day?! I can’t help it-I’m
    your mom and I just had to wonder! I also said a prayer asking God
    to watch over you and I know He is! Thinking of you and sending my
    love. Mom

  5. Robert and Nikki Bowen says:

    I have thought about you non-stop! I am very excited to
    hear more. Poor Stacy got an ear full the other night after you
    called. Me and Robert probably asked over 100 questions!! You are
    going to be Officer #1!!

  6. Carly says:

    Please let me know how I can post your iphone-picture in the mirror-photo that you sent me. It was very flattering to your olive skintone šŸ˜›

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